Dave Jolly Melodeon, Concertina, Vocals Dave has established a considerable reputation at Festivals in England and France for his unique interpretations of sea songs, shanties and traditional music. Sometimes passionate, sometime humourous but always entertaining. His other bands have included Guernsy shanty group Jenkins’ Ear, the English dance band Stocai with Chris Walshaw and Cliff Stapleton, and the trio Gentlemans Relish. Recordings include two albums with Stocai and a well received solo Album “By Land And Sea” Dave lives on the river Vilaine in Brittany.
Alan Lamb Melodeon, fiddle and cello, vocals Alan’s   discography   includes   two   albums   with   the   Late   Night   Band,   tracks   on   the   album “English   Fiddle   Players”   and   albums   with   Cliff   Stapleton,   Rod   Stradling,   Agnes   Burnell,   Chris Wood   and   Andy   Turner.   He   also   features   in   the   Anglo/French   melodeon   tune   book   “Liasons Diatoniques” along with Andy Cutting, Marc Peron, Frederic Paris and Bruno le Tron.   Most   recently   he   has   played   with   Boldwood      and   can   be   seen   in   a   periwig   playing   dance music for the BBC’s epic Cornish series “Poldark”. Alan   was   born   in   Ireland   and   as   a   young   man   farmed   and   dredged   for   oysters   on   the   west coat of Galway. The family has had a  fiddle player in every generation back to 1740. Alan lives on the banks of the river Severn.
The Sea Band
Penny McCarthy  Clarinet, Vocals, Renaissance Recorders, Euphonium, Vocals, Penny started playing  traditional music on the clarinet with her family as a girl, touring in England, France and Belgium. A period at the University of Rennes and membership of the Circle Celtique de Rennes led to an interest in Breton traditional music and Penny also collected many tunes from old players in the Vendee and Auvergne in the 1970s.  In conjunction with Folk South West Penny founded Live Wires, a community music project working with young musicians in the West Country to raise the profile of musical traditions in the region. Penny is originally from the port city of Liverpool.
To contact The Sea Band  phone Alan on 01746712289  or email info@theseaband.co.uk
Alan Lamb   Dave Jolly  Penny McCarthy  Daniel Wolverson
The Musicians

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Daniel Wolverson  Fiddle, Viola, Hurdy Gurdy Daniel’s energetic fiddle style is perfectly suited to the jigs and reels that form the core of the band’s instrumental repertoire, and brings a subtle and evocative dimension to the Sea Band’s songs. Other bands include Boldwood with whom he has recorded three albums, and Les Souris Dansent.
The Sea Band’s musicians live on two of Europes great rivers, the Severn in Western England and the Vilaine in Brittany.